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You don’t need to suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder

The winter weather is fully upon us here in the midwest. Today was one of the first sunny days. It doesn’t seem to have anything to do with the weather outside but more with the cloud coverage. Day after day of gray skys can sure lead to a depressed mood. It is no wonder that many individuals find it very difficult getting things done in the winter months. The malaise corollates with our limited sun exposure. Indeed, Seasonal Affective Disorder – referred to as SAD is a very real disorder and affects more of us than we would like to admit.

According to the National Psychologist (Nov/Dec 2009) issue some 25 million Americans suffer from changes in their moods and behaviors during the long winter months. These can range from mild changes to those which interfere rather dramatically with an individuals life. Even the good old stop at the coffee shop for yet another latte or increasing our consumption of chocolate does not seem to help.

What has been proven to help is the light therapy discovered by Dr. Daniel Kripke out of the University of California at San Diego some 20 years ago.   It may sound like alternative medicine to some.  However,  light therapy has been shown effective in combating the very uncomfortable symptoms from SAD.

The treatment is straight forward and simple.  Plug the lamp in and sit in front of it for 15 to 30 minutes.  Really. That’s all it takes.   The cost of the lamp pays for itself over the years. I prefer the portable kind that can come with me or my clients everywhere. You can even sip on a cup of herbal tea during you 30 minute light session. As far as needing the caffeine, well, I can’t speak to giving up on that completely since I do love my coffee. But, you certainly will relish that cup of java rather than feeling like you can’t survive without it. If you’re interested in light therapy for treating Seasonal Affective Disorder check out my store where I sell a portable lite book for a reasonable price.

Look forward to sharing with you again soon. For now, this is Dr. Goschi signing off and remember to take Ten minutes for yourself each day. In doing this each of us has the potential for living life to it’s fullest. Good luck on your quest.

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