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Add some romance to your relationship this Valentine’s Day

This Vanlentine’s Day why not add more romance to your marriage or long term relationship? It may be easier than you think. It doesn’t have to cost a lot to spend quality time together.  If gift giving is a part of your ritual then make sure the gift is meaningful and/or romantic.  Make sure the evening is relaxing, fun, and filled with compliments and laughter. Laughing is a sure fired way to set the stage for  positive interaction.

Keep it simple! If you’re spending the evening at home don’t make the evening too elaborate. The point is to connect with eachother not to overwhelm yourself. Forget about the clean up;have sex first, and then clean up.  The point of the evening is to focus on eachother and building intimacy.

Talk about memories or events that bring up warm feelings. If you go down the road of finances, current events, or other emotioanlly charged issues it will surely ruin the moment. Allow yourself to focus on what is “good” about your relationship. Reminisce about how andwhy you fell in love. Talk about your shared experiences as a positive emotional spring board to sex.

Go ahead and talk with your partner about sex. Tell them how you want the evening to go. Yup, good communication is a must for good sex to occur. Trust your partner and express clearly what turns you on. Don’t be afraid to act on your mutually agreeable fantasies. It may just open up better romance for the two of you going forward. Make sure Valentine’s Day is the first romanitic evening of many. Vow to make your relationship a priority, remember both of you are worth it.

If you cannot get past your hurt or anger then remember that you can fix this and that help is just a call or click away. Don’t let one more day get past you. Get help for your marriage/relationship now.

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