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High Anxiety

Today I heard a new poll that stated women were more worried about their futures than were their male counterparts.  While this was disturbing to hear it didn’t surprise me at all.  It is true that women are worriers.  How many of us have had sleepless nights worrying about our children, our aging parents, our jobs, our husband, our boyfriends and the list can seem endless.

Women are tremendously prone to worry because we tend to be caretakers of everyone in our lives.  Sometimes,or might I say many times, we worry about everyone else to the detriment of ourselves.  Worry better known as anxiety can reek havoc on our physical and mental health.  Anxiety is one of those strange emotions that can help us do well on tests.  However, if we experience too much then it interferes with performance.  So, anxiety can get moving or can cripple our ability to function.  It’s a fine line and a hard one control.

However, I would encourage all the women in my life to at least try.  There are a few simple steps that can really help manage anxiety.  If it’s anxiety that’s caused by procrastination then I would encourage an individual to tackle the task one peice at a time.  If  the anxiety/worry is due to something we cannot control then I would encourage some different apporaches.

In an earlier post, I spoke of how we cannot be anxious if our bodies are relaxed.  Therefore, I would encourage you to engage in those activities which maximize relaxation.  For example, meditation/yoga are wonderful forms of deep relaxation.   Any form of work out can also lead to the alleviation of stress and the release of endorphins.  Lastly, I would encourage you to put the concerns out of your mind especially if your thoughts are destructive.

I the anxiety isn’t helping you move forward then actively work at alleviating your anxiety.  Therapy and meds can be extremely helpful if you’ve been officially diagnosed with an Anxiety Disorder.

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