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Update on Sandusky

I must say that I was pleased with the verdict.  Too often “guilty” pedophiles’ judgments are too lenient.  This time I believe justice was served.  Or, was it?  Don’t get me wrong – I totally embrace the guilty verdict and 60 years in prison.  But, I suppose what I’m upset about is that the victims yet again had to stand up and speak publicly about the events with Sandusky.  This opened the victims up to cross examination, ridicule and emotional exposure.

We think women have a difficult time coming forward when they are abused well in my experience I’ve found it even more difficult for male victims.  This is tremendously unfortunate since neither women nor men “should” feel ashamed about the sexual abuse to them but they often do.

So, I just wanted to say how proud I am of those brave individuals who have come forward.  They have not only begun their own journey of healing and purging their souls but have protected how many more young boys from suffering the same fate.  Bravo to you all and as a therapist and a mother I applaud you all!

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