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Happy Mother’s Day

Mothers are a mixed group of women. We are from all walks of life, diverse nationalities and race, different socioeconomic groups and various faiths. The one thing we do have in common is loving our children.

As a group, we are often bad about taking time for ourselves; other than on mother’s day. I would like to encourage you to make yourself a priority from today forward. As one of my girlfriends said to me, “Let’s make Mother’s Day everyday.” I agree. We should learn to celebrate ourselves daily.

Each of us has a unique story to tell. But, what I find so commonly discussed is how little time we have to do the things that we would like to do in our lives. If I could offer you one gift it would be to realize, everyday, that you are special to everyone around you. You should celebrate yourself daily not just on those very special occasions like Mother’s Day!

Indeed, how many women I know put off having a mammogram or physical because of their son or daughter’s soccer game. I appreciate how much our children mean to us, however, I don’t think they will go deprived if we take really good care of ourselves. Think of the message we are giving our children when we say that going to the doctor on a regular basis is important.

My clients often bristle when I say to them, “self first.” I’m not talking about becoming so self-absorbed that you abdicate your role as a parent. To the contrary, if you get enough sleep, see your doctor regularly, eat healthy, exercise, visit with friends, and make love to your husband you will find that you will be a better parent. You will have fueled yourself with all the necessary things in life and find that it is so much easier to show patience and show love toward your kids.

I cannot stress enough how important it is to make time for yourself without feeling guilty. If you were to take just a half-hour for yourself daily you would see immediate results and feel better. Mind you, this does not mean talking an extra thrity minutes so you can do all the dishes. If this is how you use your personal time then you are missing the point. Trust me, the dishes will eventually get done. So, go ahead and take a walk.

I you find yourself feeling sad and loathsome, unable to self-care then call for help. Begin feeling better today and call Dr. Goschi @ (312)595-1787.

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